Unfolding Obesity!

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Unfolding Obesity!

Obesity is wide spread, intricate, increasing and a sickening disease which is characterised by Excessive and abnormal Body weight (fat).People with obesity face disgrace from the society, prone to disease and reduced lifespan. Obesity is quantified using the Body Mass Index (BMI) = Weight in Kilograms/(Height in meters)2.

Based on the Results achieved, three classifications could be arrived as

Class 1: BMI (30-34.9) ; Class 2: BMI (35-39.9) ;Class 3 : BMI (>40)

There are many reasons for obesity such as Environment, Genetic Factors, Biology and Socio-Economy. Obesity otherwise called as Adiposity becomes the root cause for many diseases such as Gallbladder Disease, Gout, Non alcoholic Fatty liver andType2 Diabetes. Adiposity reduces the Fat metabolism and in turn increasing the risk of Cardio vascular and cancer risks. It reduces the life expectancy and span of 6 to 14 years. Obesity stand the reason for 20% of all cancers such as cancers in Colon, kidney, Oesophagus, Endometrium and Post Menopausal Breast.

Obesity should be taken care right from the toddling stage. Growing children should be fed 40 calories    / inch of their height. Reduce their idle time and indulge them in physical activity. Provide them healthy foods and avoid unhealthy food from this stage and make them sleep enough.

In case of Adults, Obesity can be avoided by consuming less processed and sugary foods, Eating more Fruits , vegetables Dietary Fibres. Low Glycemic Index(scale used to measure how fast the food increases the sugar level in blood)food can be taken.At once the obesity is detected, the following steps can be used to reduce it.

Appetite Regulation – Decreased calorie intake and increased Physical Activity causes negative balance of energy. Increasing green veggies and fruits can fulfil your appetite with less calorie consumption.

A structured Exercise Program – 40 minutes of daily workout which includes mobility , stretches and warm-ups accompanied with walking or cycling.

Lifestyle and Behavioural changes – Increasing the activity time and including it in the lifestyle which must be continued lifelong.

Reducing Daily stress – Stress in one of the important factor that stimulates a person to eat more. stress management is more crucial. This can be done by practising some fun activities as a family.

Getting Family Involved – Include your family in your weight loss plan by indulging physical activities with them and making them eat healthy as you do. in return you would receive motivation which is the most required in getting out obesity.

Getting out of obesity makes you feel, sleep and think better. Do follow simple steps, lead a healthy life.

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