The Cease Fire: End of 11 Day War

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The Cease fire

Finally Israel and Palestine came to end the 11 day brutal war after losing more than 200 lives, emptying bomb shelters and firing 4000 Rockets. The Peace Proposal was from Egyptian side and Israel accepted it unconditionally.

This agreement was mediated by Egypt between Israel and Palestine militant groups. The destruction included schools, hospitals, fresh water and sewer systems, Electrical grids and synagogues and the only covid-19 testing centre in Gaza. Israel planned to destroy Hamas’s substantial network of tunnels which were used to transport fighters and weapons and furthered the plan which was extended to kill their leaders.

Earlier to this round of fight, there was a war in 2014 that killed 2200 people by lasting for 7 long weeks which could have been stopped in 6 days after Israel’s signal of truce but Hamas denied since the truce didn’t carry many of their demands.

As always, US was oncerned on this issue. Mr. Biden confirmed that he spoke 6 times during this crisis and commanded to stop this brutal attack which killed civilians and children. He also assured that US in partnership with Palestinian Authorities will rebuild Gaza and there will be no place for Hamas in that new government team.

The Military of Israel named this operation Guardian of the Walls and Hamas called it the Sword of Jerusalem. After the announcement of the latest truce, there were celebrations by Hamas claiming it as a victory. They called the public to walk on the streets, and distributed sweets and fired guns.

This conflict attracted people of many different religions. Pope Francis called Catholic churches worldwide to pray for stopping the usage of weapons and open up conversations with words.

There was a Palestinian rally conducted on the Afghan Border of Pakistan which ended up with a bomb blast involving a motorcycle that targeted the vehicle of the religious party.

There were many truces which have come  and gone, but the wars happened, and continue to happen because both of the parties are interested in a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Many of the residents reported they will continue to do this as they did for decades and this ceasefire will be one but not last.

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