Spirituality and the State of the World

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Happy you found this article. I wanted to share some thoughts with you and I appreciate you reading this article.

There are very few things in life that spirituality can not be applied. The self, the other, the concept (regardless of what the concept is), the religious experience, the nature experience, the death experience, the birth experience, the love experience, the whole experience…. basically any experience consciously experienced by a sentient and thinking being can be somehow linked back to spirituality.

The state of the world, in 2021 – mid-pandemic is certainly no exception to the spiritual tethers. The god-trapeze swings back and forth above the lethal moat of lies, deceit and greed  and the World does not slow down for anything… regardless of its moral-compass or ethical weight.

It is in this very notion that spiritual beliefs probably were first felt.. maybe a very old member of a tribe passed away … the new chief would certainly look for a scapegoat to keep the hoard at bay, and certainly the chief would have felt compelled to ask,” WHY?”

Perhaps the question of ‘Why’ is the most pondered thought/question man-kind has asked?  There really is no clear answer, no clear reason or rhyme. Maybe to a lesser degree we can find an answer to the question of ‘why’, but certainly the omnipotent answer for this question is still unanswered. The easiest answer is to simply say, “To each his/her own”…. this is certainly a cop-out or not a real answer.


If there was a clear precise answer to the question of why, then we certainly would not be so inclined to seek spiritual guidance or understanding. Yes, we as the human-race have been in a footrace to understand before we are squashed by fear. This seems to be human’s eternal battle from the sidelines, while quaking in fear.

Has science proven God? No.

Has science dis-proven God? No.

Why do some humans feel so incredibly spiritual, while others never question their own creation and existence.

Max Weber, a famous economist, made statements that still resonate today. The concept of one of his favorite thoughts holds more weight today than ever before. His concept was simple. Humans do dumb things.

These dumb things we do, sometimes completely unpredictable and without warning. mostly done without pre-thought, are the exact behaviors that keep humans from becoming slaves to commercial marketing efforts, governments, religions and corporations. Thank God for Max Weber.

Either way, we need to be human. What else could we be?

To be Human is to be spiritual? Mostly.

To be deceased is to be spiritual? Maybe (depending upon burial, pre-death beliefs, and culture).

I would love to understand your drive for self-spirituality. Your own motivations to seek spiritual enlightenment and what outcomes do you expect/hope to find.

To me, spirituality is hope. Hope is necessary to fuel progress and starve evil.

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