SpaceX bags Approval for the next 3 Launches

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SpaceX bags Approval for the next 3 Launches

The Federal Aviation Administration authorised the next 3 launches of SpaceX Starship Prototype and Discussed with Mr. Elon Musk Regarding safety since there are open points for the corrective action from the December Launch. These points would add up if there is any mishaps in the further launches. 

As SpaceX is building a Heavy lift rockets which could carry Humans and Nearly 100 tons of Cargo to Moon and Mars mean while NASA offered a $2.9 billion contract to build a Spacecraft to carry the astronauts to the moon by 2024.

Even though there were clashes between Regulatories and SpaceX during Which Elon Musk Quoted “Humanity would never get to Mars”, these flights were confirmed.

Elon Musk Has already completed 3 High Flies this year and the most recent with a recycled Capsule with 4 Astronauts to the International Space Station 420 Kms above the Indian Ocean.

While there is already a Dragon Capsule, This is the first time 2 capsules docked at the same time .The other would return with 4 astronauts by Sunday which was planned earlier as Wednesday and postponed due to weather. Till then there would be 11 Astronauts which is the second maximum attendance after 13 done by NASA during its spaces shuttle era.

These capsules were designed to give a feel the same as a Self driving car with a highly automated console and the astronauts Mr. Megan McArthur and Mr.Kimbrough confirmed the same.

Even though these crew missions contained Multi-national Astronauts, there was an absence from Russia and it is expected to continue till 2022 since NASA and its Russian Counterpart, Cosmonauts are yet to agree on a scheme of Seat exchange on the rides to the International Space Station. In this system, NASA Astronauts will fly on Russian Soyuz vehicles and Russian Cosmonauts will aboard in U.S commercial vehicles such as SpaceX’s Crew Dragon. Mr. Elon Musk extended his warm welcome for the Russian Cosmonauts to Dragon and adds up that there are no potential objections.

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