Organisms: Millennium Creatures

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Millennium Creatures

Recent Excavations worldwide exhibited us some of the creatures that are still alive after 1000 years and one of those even after 24000 years.

The first one was a chicken egg that was found in an ancient sewage pit which was laid 1000 years ago in Israel. The egg was intact and the most important part is when it was taken out of the site, the shell gave out a crack. Some of its content was spilled and the yolk is still present and it was taken for DNA research which will be helpful to study evolution. Even Today There are many damages while transporting eggs from the farm to market and then to a home. The cartons can’t even hold them safely for a long time. Then how did this egg survive this long time?

The Next one is from Siberia, This is a multi-cellular organism named Bdelloid rotifers which are microscopic. These organisms were collected from the North Eastern Part of Siberia at just 3.5 meters below the ground. Its name refers to Wheel Bearer in Latin which indicates its physical appearance.

Scientists claim that these are the most Radioactive-resistant animals in the world which can withstand low oxygen, High Acidity and starvation. It reproduced asexually under examination even after being frozen for these many years by a process named Cryptobiosis.

Previous to these stems of Antarctic moss were aged a millennium and were successfully regrown. A whole Campion plant was regenerated from its seed tissue which was 32000 years old. These were also found in North Eastern Siberia.

These organisms are found in Permafrost which means a permanently frozen layer of soil, gravel and sand bound together by ice on or underground below the melting point of ice for a minimum of two years.

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