Mercedes Benz and Ambition 2039

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Mercedes Benz and Ambition 2039

As Revealed last month, Mercedes Benz started its production of EQS model which is all electric S- Class Saloon model at Factory 56 Sindelfingen, South Germany where the other S-Class and Maybach Models are manufactured.

EQS models are packed with 107.8 KWh Li-Ion Battery pack which makes these car travel 770 kms per charge. EQS is available in two models namely EQS 450+ (328 bhp with 568 Nm) and EQS 580 4MATIC (516 bhp and 855 Nm).EQS is one of the most quiet in the segment due to the aerodynamics, low wind noise level with 19- inch wheels. It is an intelligent vehicle packed with 350 sensors including the seat occupancy, Driver’s Blink and Passenger’s speech.

The Production Facility in which EQS are manufactured itself a Benchmark which required 730milion Euros that is loaded with futuristic and eco friendly characteristics namely one which generates the electricity from light and fulfils 30% of the requirement. Unlike traditional assembly lines, TecLines were installed in which driver-less Transport systems. This facility is built so flexible as such multiple models can be assembled in a single line keeping Ambition 2039 in vision. Changes in assembly can be easily incorporated as to change the direction of the Automated Guided Vehicles which is present 400 in strength.

Ambition 2039 focuses on providing customers a carbon – neutral driving experience which means 0g / km emission. Mercedes Benz has a roadmap to achieve his condition by selling 50% of electric vehicles in total range by 2030.Not only cars, buses, vans and trucks are in the plan of Electrification. In addition to this, Mercedes Benz has deployed a separate team to develop Hydrogen Fuel cell which also targets 0g / km emission.

EQS models would reach the US Market by this August and China by next year and Mercedes team has also confirmed that EQS would be launched in Indian market also.

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