How to Treat Sunburn On Scalp with Natural Remedies?

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The sun is a source of life, but it also causes many skin problems. One of the most common ones is sunburn, especially if it occurs on your scalp, as you tend to forget about being careful and going out in broad daylight with an uncovered head. Sunburns can leave redness and pain, but before you pop some pills or start slathering your head with oils and balms, know that there’s another way – an all-natural one!

For a start, here are the 5 best remedies for treating your burn:

1. Cool showers or baths

They will help reduce inflammation from irritated skin. If you have been outside for quite a long time, try taking a cool shower first thing when you get home. For quick relief, pour cold water over your scalp and leave it for a few minutes before toweling off. (

 2. Cool compresses

They will also bring down swelling and redness on your head. Dip a clean towel in cool water and put it on the affected area, then let the towel sit there as long as you can. Repeat several times throughout the day to help with sunburn relief. (

3. Aloe vera gel

This plant is known for its natural healing properties, so why not give it a try? Of course, it works best when applied directly on burned skin, but you can also drink some juice from aloe leaves if you have them at home (be sure to wash the leaves first). (

4. Green tea bags

If you have some green tea bags in your kitchen, there’s no need to head down to the pharmacy. Instead, just soak a couple of them for a few minutes in cold water until they are nice and cool, then put one on each section of your scalp. The tannins present in green tea will help with sunburn healing by reducing inflammation and redness. (

5. Oats

Make a paste from rolled oats or oatmeal (without any additives!) that you can apply directly to your burn. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes because otherwise, the mixture may dry up and cause further irritation. (

When using these remedies, don’t go outside again without covering up! It is also best to wear stay-put clothing which doesn’t irritate the skin.

When sunburn is on your scalp, it is even more important than usual to protect your head with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Just do whatever you can to avoid further damage!

If, after some time, no improvement shows up, talk to your doctor about other solutions – for example, steroid creams that are the only way to treat sunburn on the scalp for freckles successfully.

And remember – don’t forget about the all-important SPF whenever you go out into the sun! Protecting your skin now will help you avoid these kinds of problems in the future.

Have a great summer, everyone!

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