Covid Delta Variant Out Break

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While many countries are on the mission to identify the source of Corona Virus, concomitantly Corona Virus has evolved to a new variant Namely Delta which was first found in India and said to be highly transmissible and contagious. 

It is responsible for the third wave viral infection all over the world even the countries which are highly vaccinated suffer from this infection.

One of the most vaccinated countries where 80% of the adults took their 1st dose is the United Kingdom. According to the Roadmap devised by them, July 19th will be the date on which all restrictions will be lifted. But the UK had the largest number of Covid cases i.e. 11,007 which is the single day highest in the past 4 months.

Even though most of the people are vaccinated both doses, one in 540 people is infected by the delta variant. The government rushes the vaccine campaign to Adults and the elderly to avoid flooding of hospitals in this third wave. As of now, Britain has the highest number of covid-19 deaths in entire Europe with 1,28,000 deaths since 1st wave.

Russia which had 1,25,853 deaths so far recorded 13,721 cases which have tripled in three weeks and half of them are from Moscow city. Many Russians are Sceptical and refuse to take Sputnik –v vaccine. Children’s play areas and food courts are kept closed and the food supplies in Euro 2020 fan zones have been banned.

Afghanistan has to close the intake of Covid-19 cases in the two main hospitals since there are no free beds and oxygen supplies to treat the patients.

India in the downstream of the second wave with a daily count of 80,000 cases which is the lowest in the last two months, is yet in the fear of a third wave that could start anytime soon. 

This delta variant has spread over 80 countries including South America, Africa, South East Asia and Europe.

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