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The Art of Active Listening

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8 mn read It is hard to overestimate the importance of communication in our lives. We communicate to share our thoughts and feelings, to give and receive information, and to build and maintain relationships. Communication involves both speaking and listening, and active listening is a key component. Active listening is a way of listening that involves being fully […]

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The Health Benefits of Being Creative

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7 mn read Image source: Unsplash In a time that seems to be increasingly focused on endless scrolling and living vicariously through social media, it can be easy to forget the importance of being creative. But research is showing that there are significant health benefits associated with being creative, from reducing stress to improving cognitive function. So what […]

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Why Keeping Exotic Pets Is a Risk Not Worth Taking

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4 mn read Exotic pets, such as monkeys, tigers, and snakes, are popular because people seek out something a little more exciting than a typical house pet. While these creatures may seem fascinating, there are many risks associated with keeping them in captivity. I want to discuss why people shouldn’t keep exotic pets and the important ethical, financial, […]

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