Amazing Archipelago: The Philippines!

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Amazing Archipelago

Have you heard about a country which is known as the ‘Texting capital of the world’ that makes 142 billion text messages per year? Yes! That’s the Philippines. The people who live there love to be social and make 400 million texts per day which is higher than total messages from the U.S and Europe. In 2007, the highest recorded was 1 Billion texts in a single Day by this country.

The Philippines is a country in south East Asia comprising 7640 islands in which only 2000 islands are inhabited by Humans, divided into 3 zones namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao . The rest are even unnamed. It is the second largest Archipelago after the Malay Archipelago which consists of 25000 islands. 

Manila is the capital of Philippines which the world’s highest densely populated city with 1.6 million people in just 24 sq.miles.(Feel the congestion of 55,500 people in 1 Sq.mile)

With 120,000 sq.miles of land and 109 million people in it, Philippines stands as the Twelfth largest Populated country in the world. With a population Growth rate of 2%, it is the fastest growing country in the world. It has a coast line of 22,549 miles which is the 5th largest coastline in the world.

There are 186 languages in this country in which 182 are alive and there are no living speakers for the remaining language. The Official Languages are Filipino and English.

About 70% of the nurses who study in the Philippines fly abroad to work and the 25% of the nurses working around the world are from this country making the largest supplier of nurses in the world. It has 1 physician for every 833 people and 1 nurse for 156 people.

The Philippines is also the world’s largest Exporter of Coconut by shipping 19.5 million tons of it. It also exports semiconductor devices, copper products, Garments and petroleum products.

Philippines also holds the title of being Largest Christian Country in Asia and third largest holder of Roman Catholics in the world as of 2013.90% of the population here are Christians and 80% of them are Roman Catholics.

It has the Second Longest underground river in the world namely Puerto Princesa in Palawan islands after Sistema Sac Actun in Mexico. It is an UNESCO Heritage site which is stunningly beautiful and attracts tourists all over the year. The Philippines yields 10% of its economy from Tourism since it has a lot of Natural wonders geologically. The Philippines have three of the Top 10 Largest shopping malls in the world.

The Philippines contain much more world’s bests and would be a very good choice to visit for a vacation.

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