5 Best Small Business Ideas for Teens in 2022

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Teens are the future entrepreneurs of the world. Most teens are looking for exciting business ideas to make money while still young. They can easily start their business at home with small capital, no risks, and time required. We have collected 5 great ideas to make their own path in entrepreneurship. These ideas will help teens learn about managing a business without too much risk involved. So let’s dive into it!

1. Cotton candy business (https://thisworkfromhomelife.com/start-a-cotton-candy-business/)

Everyone loves cotton candy at fairs or carnivals, right? We still think it is one of the most delicious treats on earth! You can buy an inexpensive cotton candy maker for around $40-50 bucks. After purchasing the machine, you need sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring (optional). Place flavored sugar in the cone holder after you pour the syrup and heat it, then turn the crank to create delicious cotton candy for both you and your customers.

2. Personal trainer business (https://www.gymguyz.com/training-services/youth-teen-fitness/)

If you have active teens who already work out at home or at sports clubs, they might as well offer their services online via Skype! If it’s not required in your area, they don’t need any investment or license for this small business idea (check with local authorities). All they need is an internet connection, proper apparel like t-shirts/sweatshirts with catchy phrases like Train With Me!, Workout With Me!, My Trainer, etc., and maybe some workout equipment which would cost around $200-$300 tops. This personal training business will help your teen learn all about fitness routines and benefit from it later in life by helping others.

3. Travel agency business (https://howtostartanllc.com/business-ideas/travel-agency)

If your teen has visited many interesting places around the world already and knows something about traveling, they are ready to start their own travel agency! Of course, the initial investment depends on the scale of operations. Still, it can be as low as $1000 or even lower if you decide to work with an existing agency which is fairly inexpensive compared to offline agencies. This way, you will avoid all expenses related to insurance, office space, etc., but don’t forget that your living place needs to look good if you plan on hosting visitors from other cities/countries! You should also consider that some countries require special before travelers can depart for them, so do your research before opening any customer’s bookings.

4. Wedding/party planner business (https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/170788)

If you feel confident about managing people, negotiating with suppliers, and running all wedding preparations like decoration, catering, etc., then the wedding planner is definitely for you! This way, you will learn more about this industry, broaden your social skills and maybe even be number one in making dreams come true for young couples who plan to get married soon! But, of course, the initial investment depends on whether you want to work independently or as a representative of an established agency (it won’t cost much). Either way, the success of your business is only limited by imagination and willingness to commit 100% to make it happen!

5. App business

This trend among teenagers is getting very popular, so it’s definitely worth trying if you are good at software development and have some unique ideas. Of course, there are many skills to learn to create iOS apps for iPhone or Android apps for tablets/smartphones. Still, it’s not impossible thanks to various schools offering training courses for this purpose. You can also get a degree in software engineering if you truly believe you have a talent for it. This way, your teen will gain employable skills, which can later become a source of employment when they graduate from college!

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5 Best Small Business Ideas for Teens in 2022

  • ElizabethM

    These are really cool ideas I’m sharing with my kids. I think they would probably eat more cotton candy than they would sell haha. They are not teens yet but they started a little business together doing personalized gifts. I’m wondering what recommendations are as far as banking for young entrepreneurs? I’ve heard of Roth IRA, are there any more?

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